Kinship x Benard Rollins 90's Reimagined Pin Set

Kinship x Benard Rollins 90's Reimagined Pin Set

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Kinship collaborates with Illustrator Bernard Rollins on a collection 90’s inspired pins. The Kinship x Bernard Rollins 90s Reimagined Pin Set, envisions Daria, Shredder, and the Notorious B.I.G. in Kinship gear.

The Daria Pin: Daria could care less about what’s “hip” and “popular,” but turns out she’s a secret 90’s RnB diehard fan. So when the Kinship “90’s Girl” bomber dropped, she immediately traded in her raggedy green pea coat. Good choice, Daria, good choice.

The Shredder Pin: If Shredder hooped in Dimension X, he would definitely cheat using Krang as his ball! Bringing together 90’s Saturday morning cartoons and hip hop culture, Ninja Turtles’ Oroku Saki himself, busts out the famous jumpman pose, draped in a customized Kinship get-up and rocking a pair of Grape Jordan 5’s.

The B.I.G. Pin: “However, I stay Kinship down to my socks.” At least that’s how we think “One More Chance” should go… That infamous photo of Biggie counting money in his Coogi is reimagined in a modern setting and, of course, Big is sporting the Kinship “Bad Boy 20th Anniversary” bomber.

Rollins is best known for turning your favorite hip hop artist into Simpson’s characters.